Overview of Publication for the 2023 Issue

Students in Writing 1, Linguistics 12, and Writing 2 are invited to submit pieces to Starting Lines for consideration in the 2023 issue, which will be used as a text for these courses. In addition to publishing selected student work produced for these classes, we anticipate awarding prizes for winning pieces in various categories.

Submissions Format

You will need to submit your piece digitally, and you will need to submit the permission to publish form, which is linked to below.

Permission to Publish Form

You will need to download and email the permission to publish form to Dr. Kathy Patterson (kpatterson@ucsb.edu) for Writing 1/Linguistics 12 submissionsĀ orĀ to Dr. Christopher Dean (deanc1@ucsb.edu) for Writing 2 submissions.


We invite the submission of digital campus photos for use in the book and on the cover. Individuals depicted in photos should not be recognizable. On digital cameras, choose higher resolutions (at least 2-3 megapixels with 150 dpi or higher preferably) for all photos. Photos inside the book will be printed in black and white.

Deadlines for the 2023 Issue

  • Spring 22: 6/24/22
  • Summer 22, Session A: 8/5/22
  • Summer 22, Session B: 9/16/22
  • Fall 22: 1/13/22
  • Winter 23: 4/7/23