2001 Isla Vista Car Massacre: What do we recall and why?

On the night of February 23, 2001 a horrific incident arose in the streets of Isla Vista. A UCSB student named David Attias was driving under the influence, ran over, and killed 4 students. To remember these 4 victims a small memorial was built on the side of Little Acorn Park, on Sabado Tarde Road, closest to where this incident occurred. If you were to just be walking by it, you would not notice that it was a memorial. For example, UCSB student, Gaby Islas, said she "never noticed this thing until today." Once walking up to it and seeing the names of the victims and their timelines, she recognized that it was a memorial. The memorial is in the shape of a circle with a mosaic rock right in the middle, surrounded by blue broken bits of plastic. There are plaques for each of the victims around the outside of the circle. The names of the students who were killed...
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La Cumbre: Memories That Last a Lifetime (Assignment #4)

Let me take you back to your senior year of high school. What mattered the most? Prom? Grad-night? Graduation? All of these things, I'm sure. However, the one long-lasting item that you and many seniors may have been eager to have was the yearbook. For the seniors who buy them, yearbooks function as a way to look back at their final year of school. All the memories made throughout the year are captured throughout the pages, and friends sign the back promising to "keep in touch!". Nowadays, yearbooks are typically associated with high school -- however, there was a time when yearbooks were a key aspect to colleges everywhere. Here at UCSB, La Cumbre was the long produced yearbook dating back 91 years from it's last production in 2011. It featured many similar aspects to modern-day high school yearbooks, including the sections for the dedication, academics, campus events, and seniors. However, yearbooks of the past -- such as the 1970 edition of La Cumbre -- went...
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Online Activism

Activism Image, Click to View In recent times, there have been a lot of politically charged protests and demonstrations all over the country. People from various backgrounds have joined forces to fight for what they believe in. These social justice warriors have come together to create social change and fight for what is right. Activism is for everyone, and nobody is ever too young to be part of a movement. A lot of youth today feel that they cannot help, because in most cases they are not allowed to go out and be part of a movement, whether that be out of fear or legal liabilities.   What does one do then?  Go on the internet and voice your opinions! Become an activist yourself! "I Must Go, My People Need Me" Meme, Click to View What is activism? Activism: a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action, especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. Uhhh, what does that mean? In short, activism just...
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