2015 Edition

  • A portfolio by Kaitlin Tilley called “Bioglogy Research Project.” This piece was completed last year in Dr. Nicole Warwick’s Writing 2 class, and it was created using the portfolio software call Mahara. To read it, click here.




  • A Children’s book titled “From Lyrics to Sentences” by Cecilia Ramos. This is the full version PDF of the piece written by Cecilia Ramos in Jennifer Johnson’s class in 2014, and to read it you only have to click here.




  • A podcast titled “Genshiken Radio” by Zhinan Li .  Her reflective piece and script can be read here as well in PDF format.



  • An online essay titled “The Chinese Bestselling Sci-Fi Hits the U.S. Market: The Three-Body Problem” by Bo (Rex) Luan.  Click here to download it as a PDF.