2020 Edition

Writing One and Linguistics 12

  • This piece by Amy Zheng, created in Andreea Nicolaescu’s Linguistics 12 class, is a screencast looking into how to create a balance between air quality and economic development. To view the screencast, click here to download the full video.



  • This piece by Zheng Jian, created in Andreea Nicolaescu’s Linguisitics 12 class, is a screencast that takes on the issue of how to solve air pollution. To view the screencast, click here to download the full video.

Writing Two

  • This piece by Cortney Ho was written in Christopher Dean’s Writing 2 class in the Winter of 2020. It is an examination of climate change in Taiwan and how to mitigate said climate change. To read this awesome web project, click here. To read her reflection about creating this website, click here.



  • This piece is the full version of the piece by Botian Sun titled, “Creating a Readable Celestial Sphere for Children,” was created in Patrica Morland’s Writing 2 Class. You can read this remarkable genre translation by clicking here. Also, you can read his reflective piece about the process of creating his genre translation by clicking here.



  • This piece by was written by Maisson Bray is titled, “Sad Magazine,” and it was written in Nicole Warwick’s Writing 2 class. To read this remarkable graphic novel click here.