2017 Edition

  • This visually rich piece by Spencer Lyons attempts to show how the community of Isla Vista came together following the deaths of six students at the hands of Elliot Rodger.  This digital piece, which was created in Kathy Patterson’s Writing 1 class, shows how light was used in the aftermath of the Isla Vista Tragedy to memorialize those lost.  To read the piece, click here.



  • This piece by Xinyue Shen is a Mahara portfolio that was designed by the author in Nicole Warwick’s Writing 2 class.  The piece moves across several pieces in a variety of genres and is replete with some great visual images.  To read the piece, click here.



  • This piece, by Rusbel Angulo and Nathalie Politron Meza, is a piece written for Kathy Patterson’s Writing 2 class.   The class was charged with writing pieces that would appeal to middle school students, and the result is this set of blog posts about online activism.  To read the piece, click here.




  • This podcast by Kevin Nguyen was created in Christopher Dean’s Winter 2017 Writing 2 class.  It chronicles the amazing story of Kevin Nguyen’s father, a man who fought for the South Vietnamese Army in the Vietnamese War, then emigrated to the United States, and ultimately became a nuclear engineer.  To listen and watch this video podcast, click here.